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Quick Hand Mixer & Chopper-Plastic-Alhamra-7080-ALHAMRA

Quick Hand Mixer & Chopper

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Key Features:
  • A tool to make fruit and vegetable art.
  • Vegetable shears for greens like cilantro and other leafy vegetables.
  • High Effective Stainless Steel Blade
  • Chop Items Effortlessly Within No Time
  • Compact Power Full Kitchen item for slicing & chopping
Package Includes: 1 x Manual Chopper 1 x Egg beater 1 x Spinner Basket 1 x Chopping Blades 1 x Peeler Description: It’s an innovative mini prep food processor for chopping and grinding vegetables, meat and fruits. It is stylish, durable, and fitted with technologically advanced parts that will never disappoint you when in the kitchen. It’s one of the best kitchen appliances and very common in every kitchen. This is impressive, particularly in today’s tough financial times where people are exploring all avenues for saving money. If you are a regular cook and want a powerful vegetable and fruit chopper, this quick chopper is one of the best models around. Its stay-sharp curved bi-level blades do not bruise fruits or vegetables when cutting. Its bowl is durable and large, and dishwasher safe.