Pair of 5Kg Chrome Dumbells-Silver – ALHAMRA

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Pair of 5Kg Chrome Dumbells-Silver-Mixed-Alhamra-8243-5k-ALHAMRA

Pair of 5Kg Chrome Dumbells-Silver

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Features: High quality chrome material Scratch and impact resistant Great for building arm strength and shoulders Ideal use for home workout Alleviate fatigue and improve blood circulation Prevent rheumatism arthri Package Includes: 1 x pair of 5 Kg Chrome Dumbbells - Silver Description: Chrome Dumbbells are perfect to keep in your strength training arsenal. It develops shoulder and arm muscles. Featuring one piece solid cast head design, these Dumbbells can be provided in different weights. It includes chrome handle support and completely solid steel head finish which is scratch and impact resistant. Suitable for home use when you have limited space to work out. Improve your muscle tone with these dumbbells from alhamra. Buy now at an affordable price on alhamra and get the delivery at your doorstep. Make your arm and wrists get stronger with Hand Grip. This efficient muscle builder is ideal to make your arms, hands and wrists muscles stronger by simply stretching and exercising. The high quality and durable steel wire with foam material makes your grip easy and comfortable. Keep your arms and forearms muscles in shape with this efficient Hand Gripper!